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Ciarán Collins 

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A New Play by Ciarán Collins

March 5 2019 @ 8:00 pm - March 9 2019 @ 8:00 pm Cork Arts Theatre


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"PRIMAL is a new play by award-winning Cork writer Ciarán Collins, author of bestselling novel ‘The Gamal’, and the theatrical debut of award-winning screen director Shaun O Connor.

Set in the offices of academia, the story begins with a professor, a student, and a simple accusation of plagiarism. But as the narrative unfolds it becomes clear that there’s much more at stake — for both parties.

PRIMAL is a brutally honest examination of male relationships and power hierarchies, exploring the potential for darkness inside everyone – and how easily the veneer of civility can be wiped away when someone is pushed to their limits.

This tense drama, punctuated by distinctly Cork humour, builds to a stunning conclusion that will leave audiences discussing it long after the performance has ended.

Starring Jack Walsh (The Tudors, Killinaskully, Fair City) and Tommy Harris (The Young Offenders, Wet Paint, Rebellion).

‘Primal’ is Ciarán and Shaun’s first creative collaboration. It’s also individually their first theatrical project and they look forward to developing more work for the stage and in particular with the Cork Arts Theatre."

This production is made possible by the Cork Arts Theatre and the Arts Council Emerging Artists Programme.

“The Cork Arts Theatre’s Emerging Artists Programme was the perfect opportunity to develop our first theatrical project with local financial and creative support. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to bring ‘Primal’ to the Cork Arts Theatre stage and gaining the experience to develop future theatrical projects. We’re also looking forward to developing an ongoing creative relationship with the Cork Arts Theatre.” – ‘PRIMAL’ CREATIVE TEAM

Long Night's Journey Into Day
Long Night's Journey Into Day
is a full-length play set in Cork city in the late 1990s. It revolves around the inhabitants of two adjoining street houses -one house containing university students, the other a local working class family. As the events of the night unfold, these two worlds collide. 

Primal is a twohander one-act play portraying a meeting between a university professor and feckless student who happens to be romantically involved with the professor's daughter.

Short Stories
The Gamal is Ciarán Collins' only completed novel, but he has written many short stories, among them Hitching HomeYou See Sea and Bache McEvers.